Petersburg Virginia Marijuana Laws

If you are being caught in Petersburg due to possession of marijuana then you can contact the marijuana lawyers who are more experienced and understand your options that are legal. They will also assist you in overcoming the charges that you will face in this state. The most frequently used herb in Petersburg is marijuana and the actual possession of this substance can result in serious crime and felony.

The other names that are used for this herb are Ganja, cannabis, weed, and pot. As per Petersburg Virginia marijuana laws the person can also be charged if he has found with the stem, leave, or the seeds of this herb. If he has the resin from this plant then there will be no charge. This is also true for the mature stalks and the sterilized seeds that are unable to germinate. Let’s discuss the marijuana laws in this state in detail.

The Definition of Possession in Petersburg, Virginia

In Petersburg, the offender is convicted of the possession of marijuana if they have the constructive and actual possession of marijuana. In order to achieve the conviction, the prosecution is required who can prove each and every element that is far above than a reasonable doubt. If the prosecutor is unable to provide any proof then the charge can be reduced and it can even be dismissed.

The actual possession of marijuana in this state means that the person has physical control over this herb. He has kept it anywhere in the body such as pockets, purse, bag, and wallet.

The Constructive Possession

It is very hard for the prosecutor to prove the constructive possession of this herb but it involves some serious factors to consider.

  • Either the offender is aware that he has marijuana and it is an illegal herb.
  • Either the convicted person has the actual possession of this herb.
  • The person has the intentions to possess or own the marijuana.

As per the Petersburg Virginia marijuana laws the person can be charged with possession crime if they have the 20 grams of marijuana. If he has the actual possession of marijuana more that 20 grams then it will fall under felony possession section 893.13 as per Petersburg status.

The Punishments and Penalties

There are strict penalties and punishments for possession of marijuana in Petersburg. The penalties can be increased according to the amount of marijuana and other cases such as keeping a weapon along with it, the presence of solid substance, and the pervious criminal background.

  • Keeping marijuana less than 20 grams is a first degree offense and it can result in jail for one year along with the fine of USD 1,000.
  • The Conviction of keeping marijuana more than 20 grams in a felony and a third-degree offense and it can result in imprisonment for five years along with a fine up to USD 5,000.

There can be a cancellation of the driving license along with additional fines and dismissal from the job. He will also be unable to get the educational loans and funds.