Henrico Virginia Arson Laws

Arson is referred to setting a structure or property on fire, deliberately. Arson laws in Henrico Virginia includes arson in the list of crimes against the habitation. Arson or malicious burning of a property is a criminal charge, which is considered to be a felony offense. Bombing or burning is against the arson laws in Henrico Virginia. Burning a residence intentionally leads to the charge of arson under the arson law in Henrico Virginia. It does not matter if the burning has caused destruction to the property of offender or any other person. The most frequently charged and also the most severe charge of arson under the arson laws in Henrico Virginia is associated with the burning of a residential property. The arson laws in Henrico Virginia strictly forbids the malicious burning or demolition of a residential property by fire or bombing.

A maximum punishment for a criminal arson according to the arson laws in Henrico Virginia is a sentence of imprisonment for life. The minimum punishment against a conviction for arson is five years in prison. In addition to jail sentence, the conviction for a charge of arson can be penalized by a heavy fine of $100,000. Under the arson laws in Henrico Virginia, the fine will never be in lieu of prison, but may be added to the prison sentence.  All other arson charges have a maximum of life time in prison and a fine up to $100,000. If the arson is charged for setting an occupied residential building or church on fire and you are convicted for being responsible or assisting the crime, the punishment can be between 5 years to a life time in prison. Similar offense for any other occupied building such as hospital, school, and other, will be punishable by a minimum 5 years to maximum 20 years of imprisonment. If the arson is charged for setting up an unoccupied building on fire, which is a residential space or a church or any other unoccupied building with a value of more than $200, the penalty will range from 2 years to 10 years in prison. In case the charge of arson is for burning an unoccupied living space with a value of less than $200, the penalty will be 12 months of imprisonment. Accidentally causing a brush fire is also charged under arson laws in Henrico Virginia, however, the offense is penalized with a fine and no jail time.

Although the arson laws in Henrico Virginia presumes that the cause of any fire can be an accident, still if you have been charged for an arson, a prosecutor can still proof that the fire was started intentionally. Getting accused for a criminal charge for committing a felony offense is the most stressful and potentially life altering situation and considering the strict penalties under the arson laws in Henrico Virginia, you must considering hiring a criminal lawyer, if you or your loved one has been charged for arson.