Hanover Virginia Drug Defense Attorney

Never make a mistake of assuming anything about the drug related charges because these charges are very serious in nature. By making a single mistake these charges will lead to a 20 to 30 year jail time. This is why a person should consult a drug defense attorney first, because the lawyers is the one who will guide you with your case and will helps in protecting you. It is important for the accused person to contact a drug defense attorney to help protect the rights and the interests.

Being accused for any drug offense is a very serious matter because it can results in an imprisonment, heavy fines and a criminal record. It is also possible that the charges will be brought in both federal and state court. But there are different laws and penalties in each court. However if the accused person received a help from a drug defense attorney who use to defend the people in both courts can results in the dismissal of the charges.

Possession is Difficult to Charge

It is important to know that the law enforcement agency cannot convict the accused person for drug possession until they prove the defendant possessed the drugs. Possession does not mean ownership the defendant can possess the drugs that someone else owns. But beware for example an accused person is telling the law enforcement that “I am carrying the drugs for my friends” this statement is a pure confession not a defense. Possession only means to store, hold, to use, to move or to touch the drugs. It is very difficult for the law enforcement to prove the possession for example if the law enforcement finds a stash of drugs near a group of people. In this situation the law enforcement of Hanover, Virginia will try to threat everyone in the hope that after some time one will confess.

Unlawful Search

This is a point to remember that an unlawful or illegal search cannot be used at a trial, the drug defense attorney of an accused person will use this illegal search as a weapon which results in the dismissal of the charge. This is why a drug defense attorney is required to know about everything that will helps in dismissing the charge.

Unlawful Seizure/ Stop

A stop and seizure means that the law enforcement restrict the freedom of the accused. Seizure and stop includes:

  • Pulled Over.
  • Order to do something.

It is very important for the accused person to remember the entire situation correctly because the drug defense attorney can prove the illegal or unlawful seizure which can results in dismissal of the charges in Hanover, Virginia.

Illegal Arrest for a Drug Charge

The law enforcement must have substantial evidence that the accused committed a drug crime. Your drug defense attorney can also prove this arrest illegal because it is very hard for the law enforcement agency to prove that the arrest is legal.