Annapolis Maryland Stalking Laws

Harassment and stalking are viewed as criminal offenses in Annapolis, Maryland, and are taken care of by laws isolate from those that relate to comparable violations, for example, blackmail and making dangers. Both stalking and badgering are secured by Title 3, Subtitle 8 of the Maryland Criminal Law code, with different codes inside this segment relating to the meanings of stalking and harassment, and additionally their related punishments. Violations firmly associated with stalking, for example, reconnaissance and different wrongdoings against security, are secured by Title 3, Subtitle 9 of the Maryland criminal law code. In case you’re accused of any of these violations, you could confront an offense conviction and also a prison sentence of up to five years and fines of up to $5,000.00. A prepared Maryland badgering/stalking legal counselor can battle these charges, analyzing each detail of your case to manufacture a solid protection.


Stalking, secured by Maryland stalking Law Code § 3-802, is characterized as more than once seeking after or moving toward another person with the aim of putting that individual in sensible dread of:

  • Genuine substantial damage
  • Strike in any shape
  • Assault or some other sort of sexual offense characterized in criminal codes § 3-303 through § 3-308
  • Abducting or some other kind of false detainment
  • Demise
  • 3-802(b) characterizes the sorts of practices that are not thought about stalking in Maryland. They incorporate moves made to guarantee consistence with a request of the court, to complete a lawful business reason, or those generally approved, secured or required by law.

In case you’re discovered liable of stalking in Maryland, you could confront an offense conviction and in addition a fine not to surpass $5,000, a jail sentence not to surpass five years, or both. This sentence can run simultaneous or back to back to a sentence for another wrongdoing in view of the conditions of your case and the judgment of the court.


Harassment, secured by state code § 3-803, is characterized as following another person in or around an open place, or malevolently captivating in rehashed conduct that genuinely disturbs or cautions another person:

  • With the goal to pester, caution or hassle
  • Subsequent to being sensibly asked for or cautioned to stop the conduct by the individual or somebody following up in the interest of the person
  • With no lawful reason
  • 3-803(b) gives an exemption to the expressed meaning of badgering. In the event that you take part in quiet action with the aim of giving data to others or communicating a political view, you cannot be accused of harassment.


The penalties under stalking laws for Maryland Annapolis, related with a harassment conviction incorporate a crime, a fine of up to $500.00 and a correctional facility sentence of up to 90 days. Recidivists are liable to a fine of up to $1,000.00 and a correctional facility sentence of up to 180 days. Enlisting a trustworthy Maryland badgering/stalking protection lawyer will give you the most ideal shot of having a positive result in court.